Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My First Rant

Well here goes my first rant. Erin asked me what it was going to be about and really I couldn't think of anything in paticular to speak on. Erin and I got in a huge debate last night about income tax. Now let me say first off, I do pay my taxes and will pay my taxes for the simple fact of not wanting to deal with our government on this issue. I fully believe in taxes and just like the bible says in Matthew 22:21 "Give to Caesar's what is Caesar's and to God what is God's". What Erin and I were discussing was the fact that Income Tax taxes you on you working and your income obviously. So the rant begins...

Our founding fathers found this country on one basic principle. Well acctually 3, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you could use one word to describe all of those together it would most likely be freedom. Freedom to choose where you live, what you eat, what color your mattress is etc. There has always been taxes in this country's history. But if we take a look back to history during the revolutionary war and look at what caused it it is obvious. Taxes. We rebelled because of over taxation. But it is interesting to look at the fact we pay about 3 times more taxes now then we ever did in the 18th century. And we are ok with that because we understand that our country needs money to operate. Roads need to be built, schools maintained, military's funded, and just about everything else. So my thesis is, (and Daniel if your reading this, I realize I probably should have had my thesis in the intro haha) We as a country should have a tax system where Americans are free to pick where there money goes. If they want 5% to go to military, 5% to fix the roads, then they should be able to pick that option.

For instance, I am a firm opposer to the teaching of evolutionary theory. (my thoughts on evolution will most definitly be presented in other rants) Should my taxes go to something that I dont beleive in? It is my money. Well God has entrusted me with the money. So it's not really mine. But you get the point. The income tax doesn't support Christian Schools because of seperation of Church and State. (once again that will be another rant for another day). It doesn't go to missionaries in South America who are going church to church gathering funds to spread the word of God.

Many would argue that the evolution theory is a religion in itself (Humanism). And now the question stands Should I have to pay for something I dont beleive in because the government seems fit to do so? I have no problem paying the same amount in Income tax to support christian schools, the military, or something that I beleive in. I just dont see the freedom in giving my money to support things I firmly oppose.

One last final thing to think about is this. Income tax was made a "law" in 1913. If you were to go to a farmer in 1875 and tell him " Excuse me young sir, it is now a law the you must give away X amount of your income to fund whatever the government sees fit." The farmer probably would have grabbed his pitchfork and chased you a good mile or so. Especially as he is a poor lower class farmer who can barely make it as it is. We look at income tax and think, well we've always been taught this, this is how it's always been and how it always will be. The same idealogy is used when facing evolution. The way things are now are how they've always been and always will be. I could go on and on about how this ties into my faith and God. but I wont being this is already a decently long post. I look forward to the discussion that will follow this.

Just as a side note, I've been reading 2 peter...really interesting book. Sorry little randomness there.

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MamaK said...

The Framers set up a system of small government financed by imports and exports.

Small government.
Minimal, specific taxation.

What a concept.

Erik says that he read that if you took the income of every corporation and individual in America from this past year, it would not add up to enough to pay off our deficit.

We are in over our heads, folks. The Income Tax is unconstitutional but necessary because of the gi-normousness of our current government.

What we need to do is simplify, shrink government for one (and "programs" for SURE), get back to basics, re-structure our entire system, and pay off our national debt.

I heard once that if the gov't hired an average Joe, who has worked hard to get his family out of debt successfully, to give our nation a working budget it would be the best thing we ever did. There are too many gimmee-gimmee's leading the pack.

That's my two cents...

Just to keep the ball rollin'...

(Hey, Daniel.)