Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our First Blog!!

So we finally decided to take a step out of the 90's and get a blog. Yes, I know it's been long overdue, but it will be a lot easier to keep in touch with family. Plus, I (Robert) would love to have a place to give my rants on things. And being I don't have many friends here (Erin gets tired of hearing my rants after a while) this gives me a place to let it all hang out. We will also keep postings on how our family is doing and family news. For instance, Jaden is going to walk ANY DAY NOW. He is just too lazy. He climbs things, falls down, then screams but the boy refuses to take one step. I can understand why parents get gray hair. Anyways moving on...

And most of you will probably notice a huge difference in how Erin and I type. I will type like I talk. I learned it from writing persuasive articles in the high school paper. She, however, is my polar opposite. For example, she just corrected that last sentence....twice. But I love her for that. I think this mainly shows my lack of structural skills. Well, that's all for now my friends, family and other random reader people. Erin just put her head down in frustration with that last sentence. Man life is good. Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by..


MamaK said...


The first to comment!

I am SO excited that you guys have this - keep up on it - you have so much to share!

for all the Engstroms

MamaK said...

I loved your first post, by the way. I really do hope that you share all your "rants" (even if they're edited by Erin).

Abbie is ready to walk, too. She doesn't even have teeth yet, but she's our earliest to be standing without holding on to anything.

But who knows...maybe she'll pull a Jaden, and do this for the next five months.

So what's the first discussion???

(kiss the kids...)

Marilee said...

I cannot wait to see you all on Friday. I will have Jaden walking by the 1st of the year....just to really give you some exercise then!

Marilee said...

Hi, MamaK....

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!


Daniel and Mistee said...

Very cool first post. Take good care of mom when she is down there! I am sure that she will have the big J walking like she said. Hi Karen!