Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lord of all creation, of water earth and sky

Well wow, been a while since I ( Robert) have posted. Jaden has his molars coming in so we've had some long days (and nights). Erin is well. I love her more and more every day. Anyways this post deals with is that I went to google and typed in "scientific proof for evolution". Well, I figured since the theory was so widely accepted by scientists throughout the world, that there would be some solid valid evidence. Well you can do the search for yourself. In fact I reccommend it. There isn't any hard evidence that supports the evolution theory. All of the evidence given is incredibly easy to refute. I've said it before and I'll say it again, evolution is a religion that survives 100% on our tax dollars. (thank you income tax)

A lot of theistic evolution pages came up. All I can say is that if the Lord of all Creation uses evolution as we understand it today to bring everything into place as is now, then wow, that is incredible. Why would a God who uses so much failure and death to acheive our present state (Homo sapien sapien as the evolutionists would say) be worthy of worship? No thank you, you can have that God. My God doesn't need billions of years to accomplish all that He has. Not to mention there aren't any transitional fossils supporting the necessary requirements for evolution to take place. The only one who has some credibility is neandrothal. If someone would like to discuss them we can gladly. All other "missing links" have been proven to be hoaxes. More importantly the Bible also says "Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin" Death entered the world through Adam. No death existed before Adam and Eve were booted out of the garden. Also the greek word used for day in Genesis is the same word used about 356 times in the Bible all together. Every instance it means a literal 24 hour day. Why would the begginning be any different? It wouldn't be. The Bible does say that a thousand years is like a day. However it also says a day is like a thousand years. *edit(And even if a day was a thousand years, that means that the earth was created 10,000 years ago, definitly not billions)*edit These two verses are unrelated as to determining the length of a day.

In fact while doing some research I discovered some interesting quotes that I dont think most evolutionists realize have been said.
"As by this theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed. Why do we not find them embedded in the crust of the earth?" — Charles Darwin, Evolution or Creation, p.139
"Often a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a fantasy." — Charles Darwin, Life and Letters, 1887, Vol. 2, p. 229
"Evolution is unproved and unprovable." — Sir Arthur Keith, (author of Foreword to The Origin of Species, 100th edition)

Wow, intestesting quotes from some very notable supporters of the evolutionary theory. Please if your reading this, look past your public school education and look at the evolutionary theory. If someone reading this finds some very credible evidence supporting evolution I would love to discuss it with you. I dont know all the answers but I would love to give it a shot. I just ask for a somewhat open mind.

Anyways, my bed is calling and its only a matter of time before Jaden wakes up screaming because of his molars. take care everyone and God bless you all.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Robert's Test

I really enjoyed Karen's little test so I decided to do my own. Enjoy!

Just a sidenote: My wife was the one typing and she saw all the answers. I really do love my wife. Plus, she thought it was funny. And she forgot to fill out the answer for question 10. Hope you know the right one and can figure out your score from there.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello all

Hey all, this is Robert. Just thought i'd post on this day of monday not really a rant but more of just a couple things that have been on my mind.

1. Sometimes I lose sight of how important and how involved God really is in our lives. One of the only good things that comes from that is the feeling of coming back. Sometimes I wish I could live every day of every hour worshipping, praying, and rejoicing in Him. But being I am human I will never be able to do that. All I can do is strive for that and know that when I mess up, He is right there to catch me fall.

2. For Christmas my Mother gave me a cd/dvd of the Christian band Kutless. All I have to say is wow. The music on it is really good but it is the dvd that got me. For those of you who dont know, Kutless is a hard rock Christian band. I'm talking VERY hardrock. They have some soft songs out there, but some very hard rock. They attract believers as well as non believers as well. What caught me off guard though is the fact that through this hard music, they glorify him. If you look in the crowd you see a whole different generation of belieivers out there. A generation that doesn't resemble anything traditional. But, the big thing is they love God just as much as the most "traditional" Christian does. And the sad thing is is that we sometimes have a hard time fellowshipping because "they look different".

I love what the lead singer of Delirious said at a concert in Sydney " This isn't just a youth movement, this is the Church." Think about that for a couple minutes.

3. I think we as Christians sometimes get so caught up in the Us and Them attitude that we forget to love. There are so many people in our society who are lost, confused and in dire need of a savior. If we could just learn to love like God loves us (which is what the Bible tells us to do) my prediction would be that our society wouldn't know what hit them. "Wow, that guy just gave me $100, why did he do that?" or " Man I am having a horrible day, got fired, marriage is crumbling. Could this day get any worse?" then you step in " Hello, I just wanted to tell you that you look kind of down, and that I love you. If there is anything I could do for you? A ride? Some money? Flowers for the wife?" Can anyone else see where these conversations would go? Such simple stuff that a lot of us (esspecially myself) don't do on a regular basis if not at all.

Of course no glory can come to anything without the blessings of God. He is the almighty. I also think that we need to step out of our comfort zone, to the realm of the unknown. Anybody who listens to Casting Crowns know that that's where Jesus is. And without him, we will accomplish nothing.

So to summarize it up..

1.Love like God loves us (even though he loves us so unconditionally that we as humans have an INCREDIBLY hard time grasping it sometimes)

2.Trust in God

3. Walk by Faith in him.

On a lighter side it always amazes me how technology moves. I am about 30 times smarter on the computer then my dad. And I started with that stuff when I was about 12. I am (sticking out chest) part of the computer generation. Technology is my thing. Well not really, but compared to most older people I just have a better grasp on it. I however am realizing that soon I will be my dad and my son will be me. I have proof. There it is at the top.
Love you all and God Bless.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

ahhh good to be home!

Well, I ( Robert) am finally home. All this week was spent training with my unit out in "the field". When it was all said and done it was very fun. During it though it was terrible. We got to go "camp out" (thats what we told Madison I was doing for the week) at a location on base in the middle of nowhere. We had to set up our tents and do basically everything to make this base functional. My squadrons goal is to be able to deploy to any non functional base in the world and make it functional. Our squadron is completely self-sufficient. So we have cops, communications, and really anything you would need to survive on our own. So we once we arrived and everything got the green light to go the scenario began. We deployed to a desert country and set up our base facilities. We were all issued m-16 rifles with blanks. The gear we used is basically laser tag X 50. Each set of what we used cost about 2400 dollars. Pretty expensive stuff. Well for the next 3 days we were attacked by terrorists in all the ways our troops are being attacked in Iraq now. Suicide bombers, car bombs, snipers, and everything else imaginable. If hit, a buzzar rang out and bam you have to lay down, not move and not say anything until one of the security forces in charge of the training would come revive you. The tempature got down to 6 degrees at night without the wind factor. And tuesday-friday I got maybe 6 hours of sleep. So needless to say I am incredibly glad to be home. Not to mention
5 times a day having to listen to muslim call to prayers over loudspeakers strategically placed overlooking our camp. Kind of gets to you after a while.
Kudos to my wife for the rant she gave. She made me proud :). Scary that people acctually follow this that church. I looked at her website and out of the many things that came to my mind the main thing was the casting crowns lyri ," Are we happy plastic people Under shiny plastic steeples With walls around our weakness And smiles to hide our pain." All the pictures online show attractive,skinny smiling people who seem to not have a care in the world. I wish that they could see what Christ is really about. We all need to pray for them. Anyways dinner is ready, I love you all, and i pray God will bless you. He loves you more then we could ever know. Glory to be to God...


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Erin's Rant

Okay, I don't normally feel the need to voice my opinion like this, but an article I read recently drove me nuts. And Robert is off playing war, so I have no one to vent to about it. So, here goes....

The article was about a Christian weight loss program called Weigh Down and it's founder, Gwen Shamblin. Ms. Shamblin founded the weight loss program in 1986 and in 1999 she founded a church (Remnant Fellowship Church) that is centered around the program. Now, I realize this does not sound that bad, but the church and its followers are being called a cult by many groups (i.e. Raphael Martinez, a minister who runs Spiritwatch Ministries, which tracks religious and social fringe groups. The members generally cut all ties with there former life and move to Franklin, Tenn. just to be near the multimillion dollar estate of Ms. Shamblin). The people who participate in Weigh Down are told that if they continue to eat and remain overweight they will be doomed to hell. (If the members do not keep with the program they are asked to leave or are fired if serving the church.) They are also pressured to leave their churches because they are being lied to.

One of the reasons they are pressured is because Weigh Down's doctrine is not biblical. The founder, Ms. Shamblin, sent an email in 2000 stating that Jesus is not one with God. She denied the Trinity, which is one of the core tenets of the Christian faith. They also believe in severe corporal punishment. There is a case currently pending that involves Ms. Shamblin regarding the death of an 8 year old boy. His parents are members of Shamblin's church and following the ways of the church punished their son...by beating him to death. I understand giving your child a smack on the bottom after a warning if they are misbehaving, but there is no reason to beat your child. And the fact that a "pastor" would endorse it is insane.

I guess my main problem with this church is that for the people who leave they are scarred against ever going to another church. And those who stay are so indoctrinated that they refuse to see that they are being lied to. These people have cut themselves off from truth just so they can focus on the worldly goals of being thin, rich, beautiful, and famous. *By the way, Ms. Shamblin's husband is not involved in any of the ministry. He is slightly overweight and that does not fit with the image of the church. Her two children, who are very thin, are heavily involved with the church though.* I am sure that in the beginning Ms. Shamblin was attempting to help people, but she has destroyed families, lives, and faiths instead. It does not matter how you look or how much you weigh; God loves you regardless. It is absurd to think that He would send you to hell just because you are a little pudgy.

Well, that is it. This is long and I am not sure how coherent it is. The kids have not been sleeping well since Daddy has been gone. So, I am a little out of it. Hope everyone is well.


Hooray! Jaden finally conquered walking. He still crawls more than he walks, but he has mastered it. He tries to hold on to my hand a lot, but after a couple steps I let go and he doesn't notice. Yay! Maybe the walking will stop him from climbing on top of everything. One can only hope.....

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Madison's Birthday

On Saturday (Jan. 6) we celebrated Madison's 4th birthday. She had a pink princess party.....because she thinks she is one. She really enjoyed getting gifts and having all the attention on her. She's mommy's little drama queen.

As an added bonus Aunt Heidi, Uncle Mitch, and Justin were able to come visit for a few days so they were able to share in the fun. It was a packed house with them here, but definitely worth it. We loved having the time to visit with them. And it was wonderful seeing the kids play together.

Now it's just our little family again......who's going to visit next? :)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas Blessings

We celebrated Christmas a little late (Madison was with her biological dad over Christmas). But, we were able to spend it with Grandma Marilee and Tom and his family. It was great to see some of the family. The kids really enjoyed getting to see their cousins....and the presents didn't hurt. :)
We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time to spend with family.

Monday, January 1, 2007


Hello friends, time for rant number 2. Can you hardly wait? no i cannot. It is going to be a good time. I have no idea what to rant on so i think i might just go with it....Jaden and my wife (who is really sick) are accompanying me on this one. I hope due to my wife's sickness that she won't catch all of my spelling/grammatical errors. And even if she does, i dont think that she has the energy to correct them. In the words of Sean Connery "HA! THE DAY IS MINE!" here we go.

*Sidenote from Erin--I see no problem with correcting Robert's posts because all people in
America should have a basic understanding of grammar and spelling by the time they are done with elementary school. Basic sentence structure, proper comma usage, etc. It's frustrating to see and hear people who are supposedly "educated" speaking or writing incorrectly. It makes you sound unintelligent and makes your message harder to understand. I realize that it is not always the student's fault. I know that there are teachers who don't care, schools with budget cutbacks who have to change curriculum, etc. But, that is not an excuse for Americans to go through life sounding like illiterate fools. I also really hate Sean Connery.*

Ok then... well put by my wife.

I guess I should start off my series of posts on my favorite topic to talk about, evolution. Now there will be many posts about evolution, I have a lot to say on it and i debate at least 2-3 people on it a week. I believe it is the number one "stumbling block" for non Christians in the U.S. today. Think about it, if evolution isn't true, what's the only thing left? Creation. These posts might be semi-long, and if you are a firm believer in evolution, i encourage you to read the whole thing and let me know your thoughts regarding the topic.

Well first off i should start by letting believer and non believer know some of the basics on evolution. There are 6 different types of evolution. They are-
Cosmic evolution- the origin of time, space and matter. Big Bang theory.
Chemical evolution- the origin of higher elements from hydrogen.
Stellar and planetary evolution- Origin of stars and planets.
Organic evolution- Origin of life from inanimate matter.
Macroevolution- Origin of major kinds.
Microevolution- Variations within kinds.

Only 1 of the above has ever been proven, and that is Micro evolution. Everytime I've ever debated anyone they always give me examples of Micro Evolution. A cat will produce a cat, dog a dog, clam a clam, and cow a cow. There will be variations of the kind, small dogs, big dogs, shorts dogs, etc. You will never see corn and a cow produce a Corn Cow. Although it might be tasty I don't see it possible. There are obvious problems with the first 5, ill be brief and name a few.

Cosmic Evolution- The Big bang theory. This theory states that all matter from the universe was created from a small speck about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Pretty amazing. This violates numerous laws of nature as well as the law of thermodynamics.

Chemical Evolution- How we got the periodic table. Evolutionists claim we got the elements from fusion. Scientific Fact- you can't fuse past iron. How did we get the other elements?

Stellar Evolution- Noone has ever seen a star formed. Period. I encourage you to go to http://www.pathlights.com/ce_encyclopedia/02-star5.htm to find out more information.

Organic Evolution- This has never been proven, they have done experiements only to to get amino acids. The problem was that they found out that the amino acids immediately died when Oxygen was introduced. Anyone see any problems with this happening outside of the lab?

Macro Evolution- once again never been observed. A dog creates a dog, everytime. Id be willing to bet a lot of money that when 2 dogs mate, they will have a dog.

Now the biggest arguement i've ever heard was that small mutations over millions of billions years equals huge mutations. Once again no proof for this. Fossil record doesn't help at all. You can pretty much gather that the animal you found, most likely died. You can't tell that his offspring had any mutations/adaptions and even if he did, who's it going to mate with? Something of his kind and then that original gene of "adaption" will be mixed back into the gene pool, then generation after generation it will slowly fade away. That is a minor set back to evolution. Now minor adaptions DO occur. Dogs will produce various kinds of dogs but there IS a limit. A favorite quote of mine is " A cockroach and his family might become immune to pesticide, but it will never be immune to a sledgehammer".

Well that's all for now. I look forward to any discussion that comes from this. In the next issue i will discuss lies in the textbook which so many of us "public schoolers" were forced to read. I think if we eliminate the myths we thought were truths about evolution it will open up some eyes to what the truth really is. May God bless you all and glory to be God.