Sunday, January 7, 2007

Madison's Birthday

On Saturday (Jan. 6) we celebrated Madison's 4th birthday. She had a pink princess party.....because she thinks she is one. She really enjoyed getting gifts and having all the attention on her. She's mommy's little drama queen.

As an added bonus Aunt Heidi, Uncle Mitch, and Justin were able to come visit for a few days so they were able to share in the fun. It was a packed house with them here, but definitely worth it. We loved having the time to visit with them. And it was wonderful seeing the kids play together.

Now it's just our little family again......who's going to visit next? :)


MamaK said...

Sounds like a blast! Happy pink birthday, sweet thing!

We're raising our hands over here...we want to come over!

Love, Uncle Erik, Auntie Karen, and "the cousins"

Kei said...

A pink princess party? No way! :c)

Miss you Madison! Happy birthday!

Cousin Keilah

Marilee said...

Happy Birthday, Madison!

Your gift will be in the mail tomorrow. I had a bad weekend fighting a cold (where, or where did I get that???), and didn't get it mailed as I would have liked.

I miss you and love you,

Grandma Marilee

MamaK said...


What are YOU doing on the computer!?

I see the time there! You should have been in BED, girl!!!

That's're busted.


Daniel and Mistee said...

What a great picture! I hope you all are doing well! We would like to come and visit soon (Feb or April) if that is okay. Take care and keep the blogs a coming!