Monday, January 1, 2007


Hello friends, time for rant number 2. Can you hardly wait? no i cannot. It is going to be a good time. I have no idea what to rant on so i think i might just go with it....Jaden and my wife (who is really sick) are accompanying me on this one. I hope due to my wife's sickness that she won't catch all of my spelling/grammatical errors. And even if she does, i dont think that she has the energy to correct them. In the words of Sean Connery "HA! THE DAY IS MINE!" here we go.

*Sidenote from Erin--I see no problem with correcting Robert's posts because all people in
America should have a basic understanding of grammar and spelling by the time they are done with elementary school. Basic sentence structure, proper comma usage, etc. It's frustrating to see and hear people who are supposedly "educated" speaking or writing incorrectly. It makes you sound unintelligent and makes your message harder to understand. I realize that it is not always the student's fault. I know that there are teachers who don't care, schools with budget cutbacks who have to change curriculum, etc. But, that is not an excuse for Americans to go through life sounding like illiterate fools. I also really hate Sean Connery.*

Ok then... well put by my wife.

I guess I should start off my series of posts on my favorite topic to talk about, evolution. Now there will be many posts about evolution, I have a lot to say on it and i debate at least 2-3 people on it a week. I believe it is the number one "stumbling block" for non Christians in the U.S. today. Think about it, if evolution isn't true, what's the only thing left? Creation. These posts might be semi-long, and if you are a firm believer in evolution, i encourage you to read the whole thing and let me know your thoughts regarding the topic.

Well first off i should start by letting believer and non believer know some of the basics on evolution. There are 6 different types of evolution. They are-
Cosmic evolution- the origin of time, space and matter. Big Bang theory.
Chemical evolution- the origin of higher elements from hydrogen.
Stellar and planetary evolution- Origin of stars and planets.
Organic evolution- Origin of life from inanimate matter.
Macroevolution- Origin of major kinds.
Microevolution- Variations within kinds.

Only 1 of the above has ever been proven, and that is Micro evolution. Everytime I've ever debated anyone they always give me examples of Micro Evolution. A cat will produce a cat, dog a dog, clam a clam, and cow a cow. There will be variations of the kind, small dogs, big dogs, shorts dogs, etc. You will never see corn and a cow produce a Corn Cow. Although it might be tasty I don't see it possible. There are obvious problems with the first 5, ill be brief and name a few.

Cosmic Evolution- The Big bang theory. This theory states that all matter from the universe was created from a small speck about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Pretty amazing. This violates numerous laws of nature as well as the law of thermodynamics.

Chemical Evolution- How we got the periodic table. Evolutionists claim we got the elements from fusion. Scientific Fact- you can't fuse past iron. How did we get the other elements?

Stellar Evolution- Noone has ever seen a star formed. Period. I encourage you to go to to find out more information.

Organic Evolution- This has never been proven, they have done experiements only to to get amino acids. The problem was that they found out that the amino acids immediately died when Oxygen was introduced. Anyone see any problems with this happening outside of the lab?

Macro Evolution- once again never been observed. A dog creates a dog, everytime. Id be willing to bet a lot of money that when 2 dogs mate, they will have a dog.

Now the biggest arguement i've ever heard was that small mutations over millions of billions years equals huge mutations. Once again no proof for this. Fossil record doesn't help at all. You can pretty much gather that the animal you found, most likely died. You can't tell that his offspring had any mutations/adaptions and even if he did, who's it going to mate with? Something of his kind and then that original gene of "adaption" will be mixed back into the gene pool, then generation after generation it will slowly fade away. That is a minor set back to evolution. Now minor adaptions DO occur. Dogs will produce various kinds of dogs but there IS a limit. A favorite quote of mine is " A cockroach and his family might become immune to pesticide, but it will never be immune to a sledgehammer".

Well that's all for now. I look forward to any discussion that comes from this. In the next issue i will discuss lies in the textbook which so many of us "public schoolers" were forced to read. I think if we eliminate the myths we thought were truths about evolution it will open up some eyes to what the truth really is. May God bless you all and glory to be God.


MamaK said...

Hey mister,

Great job. I learned some new things!!

Don't forget that you can post comments in the comment section, too...Everyone loves to banter back and forth in here!

Hey, Erin. Oh, I so hope that you are feeling better soon. You seem to be staying on your toes regardless! (And I share your thoughts about grammar/spelling heartily.)

R - if you want to learn how to do hyperlinks (where the links are hidden behind the text), let me's easy, and saves space in your post.

Blessings, and Happy New Year!


Rob and Erin said...

ahh thank you for the commments Mamak:) I didn't even think about putting in the hyperlinks way to long of a weekend. :) Thanks for the info!