Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Robert's Test

I really enjoyed Karen's little test so I decided to do my own. Enjoy!

Just a sidenote: My wife was the one typing and she saw all the answers. I really do love my wife. Plus, she thought it was funny. And she forgot to fill out the answer for question 10. Hope you know the right one and can figure out your score from there.



MamaK said...

Okay, well, for the record, I think I got your birthday right on the last one, but it said I was wrong...(silly goose...put in the answer next time!). So I got a 50/100 (same as you got on mine!). Don't you wish you knew which ones I missed and which I got right?

(I wish I knew which ones you got right on mine!)

Glad you did it - it's a blast.

Random Tom said...

If you wnat to see what everyone picked, you can click here, login, and under the test name is an option called "Test Scores/Answers." Click there, then on the name, and it will tell you what they scored.

Also, on that first page after the login, you can "Edit Test" if you put the wrong answer in the answer key.

Not that any one did that.