Thursday, February 22, 2007

9/11 WE WILL NEVER FORGET! wait, what happend again?!?!

So there I was (Robert) reading newsweek. Well I got the this liberal writer on the last page who in her arguement declared we needed to pull out of Iraq tommorow. The casualities are to high she says. We can't win the war she says. Britain is pulling out so that shows we need to get out she goes on to say more. Arggg so frustrating for me. Im just apologizing in advance if this runs long in length but this definitly struck my nerve in the wrong way.

First of all, 3151 American troops have died in this Iraq war. It seems like a lot. But let's consider somethings shall we? In one month of fighting on Iwo Jima, 6800 marines/navy personell were killed. About 12000 people died on Okinawa. Or for some people out there who think this is vietnam all over again, 1.1 northern vietnamese died in the war. And they won. The US lost 58,000. Most veterans would be very upset if you compared this war to Vietnam. Now if some liberal authors out there would go out and read some world history, they might learn something. Just one example here, in the battle of Verdun in World War 1 over 300,000 French and German troops died. Wow, if these vets were still alive they would be ashamed of the claims that these people make about how the casualties have gone too far. Let's put this Iraq war in perspective.

Ok, to clear myself up one little bit, I dont think we need to die more or something to call this a serious war. This is a serious war we have going on right now. Not only in a military sense but in a civilian sense. Another 9/11 would happen in a matter of weeks if we pulled out of Iraq anytime soon. So we can either have military dying serving there country doing what they CHOSE to do. Or we can bring the fight to our homeland and watch non combatants (civilians) suffer at the hand of terrorists. You make the choice.

As a member of the military, I think about my brother/sisters in arms all the time who are fighting over there. I pray for them just as much. And I think about how this is a safer nation now. My base commander always says ," We can either fight the battle there on our terms, or fight the battle here on there terms." I choose to go to there house and win. thats just me though.

On the other hand (once again a perspective thing) just today 126000 babies were killed worldwide. By the way, 3700 of those are happening in the US. So for every minute you read this 2.5 babies are murdered here in America land of the free. By the way, do you think those babies would enjoy those freedoms? If your pro choice why dont you give your baby a choice? Whats even scarier is that 37.4% of all abortions are done by Protestant women. I want you to think about the first time you held a newborn baby. Now imagine killing that new baby. It breaks my heart. It almost hurts me to type it because the thought disturbs me that much. We as brothers and sisters in Christ need to stand up for this.

If anyone would like to discuss the above issues i am open any time and anywhere. If you have had an abortion, realize that you can be forgiven for your sin. There is a Creator who loves you more then anything this world can. He wants to have a relationship with you. Surrender to Jesus Christ and confess your sins. I pray that our Creator, the Lord of all Creation will bless you all. Remember, the time for salvation is today.

A guy at my work has a baseball sized tumor on his back right inside of his rib cage. It is almost attached to his spinal cord. He is really shook up. Surgery would be really risky being its so close to hise spinal cord. He believes in God and Jesus Christ but believes its all just a good story for us to lives our lives by. His lifestyle in no means reflects a Christian one being he worked as a bartender for a while and i think has 4-5 girlsfriends right now. Pray that God would bless him and that he would see the love that God has to offer him. His first name is Jason.


Aravinth Muthu said...

I dunno how far i understood ur words but i wish to tell my opinion. Its just my opinion and i may be wrong.

You feared that there could be another 9/11, if US pulled out of Iraq. Dont u think, its even possible if US is still there fighting against the terrorists??? They are people who dont care for anything on this world and they are misled by people like Osama. Also think about the innocent lives killed during the war(Iraq ppl) and after the war(US soldiers). If US is going to stay anymore, we can only expect more lives to be shed.

From your blog, i understood u r strong believer in god - Jesus. I too believe in god to a great extent. Iam an Hindu. I wish ur frnd gets blessing from god and does well.

And about the abortion, i guess iam too young to debate about tht but still i can only say its equal to KILLING ONESELF.

And finally when i was going through some google video, i came across this video and i was really shocked to see this. But i dunno whether its true or not and iam certainly decieved to believe it. I guess you can give me a better explanation for this.

And finally, sorry if my words have hurted u in anysense.


Rob and Erin said...

very nice comment my friend. Well i shall attempt to answer some of ur comments here. Yes we are fighting against terrorists in Iraq right now. We beat the Iraq army in a matter of weeks. So yes we are fighting terrorists. you made a good point by saying these people are extremely misled. But again I raise the question, would you rather have the casualties take place on Iraqi soil or American soil? Would you rather see terrorism first hand? or see it on TV? We both know the answer and it is quite obvious. Overseas...

You talked about civilians dying and how many Iraqi civilians have died. Well if we look in our history books, 62 million people died in WW2. By the way, only 1/3 of those were military. Let me remind you that there was no draft and everyone in the military willingly chose to fight in the war knowing they could die.

It is nice to hear you believe in God. Maybe some other time we could talk about differences and why we believe in what we believe.

And abortion isn't equal to killing yourself. If you mom killed you when you were a newborn, would that be considered murder? Yes. If you killed yourself, that is suicide. Huge difference.

Definitly an interesting Google video. There are a lot of conspiracies out there. I've never seen that video before. I don't really believe it to be honest. Just my opinion though.

I hope we can grow to be friends through this discussion. I look forward to your response.