Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Book of Daniel

I have been doing a Bible study by Beth Moore on the book of Daniel. (I am halfway through the study) It is a fantastic study. The first half deals with living a life of integrity in our own "Babylon" and standing firm in your beliefs. The second half deals with prophecy and eschatology of end time events. Even in the first half prophecy is touched on and it is amazing to see how much of it has already come true. It is a great study that really gets into Daniel and challenges you no matter where you are in your walk. If you get the chance, do this Bible study. It will change you......


MamaK said...

That looks great...Erin? (It's hard to tell who's writing your posts, by the way, unles they start with "Whazzuup???".)

That aside, that looks like an interesting study. Keep us up to date on how it's going!

Rob and Erin said...

Yes, that was me, Erin, posting. Beth Moore does womens Bible studies. This one has been extremely challenging, but it has been really fun learning new stuff from a book that I thought I had learned all about in Sunday school.