Friday, February 9, 2007

Health Update for Jaden

Jaden's surgery went really well. He is recovering just fine....and the tylenol with codeine doesn't hurt. HOWEVER, while he was in the hospital the nurses became concerned about his ears. He has been getting ear infections about every month and last week his eardrum ruptured. It has still been oozing and he is still crabby. We took him to the doctor on base after his surgery (fun day for J) and they said that his ear infections are not responding to the antibiotics he has been taking. She gave us a really strong antibiotic for his ear and some drops. She is also referring us to an ENT for little man to get tubes. All of this means that he will be having another surgery within the next 2-3 months.

Please keep him in your prayers. His health has not been too great lately and we are hoping that he will be back to his happy little self (and sleeping through the night again) soon.

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