Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey all!

Hey all! How's yall doin? thas grrreat man i tell ya wut! Ok anyways enough southern talk. I (robert) just thought i would update the blog tonight. Erin is finishing reading Jane Eyre (borrrring, if it doesn't have to do with famous battles from history, or things relating to God then it is hard for me to get through it). So anyways I just thought I would update you all on some family happinings.

Tonight at dinner Erin and I were talking to Madison about modesty. Well we felt she got the point so we started asking her who dresses modestly. "What about aunt Karen, does she dress modestly,"we asked. "Yes!" Madison replied. So the list went on, Grandma Marilee, Keila, Bethy, Grandma K and Grandma. Well Madison got them all right saying they all dressed modestly. Then out of nowhere she says ," Britney Spears doesn't dress modestly!!!" I'm not going to lie to you, caught Erin and I offguard. We said your right Madison and tried to hold back the chuckles. It definitly is a crazy world out there. I'd like to know where she's seen ms spears to know shes not modest?

Tonight was bath night. So I was washing Jaden and she was washing Madison. Then Erin, bless her heart, decided to use the cup of water on Daddy's shirt. Well most of you might know, when it comes to water fight, I hold nothing back. So I kind of pushed her in the tub half way, didn't quite work becuase she was still dry. I then decided to spash a very liberal amount of water on her shirt... Daddy won this water battle, but im sure the war is far from over...

(from now on whenever I blog I am going to put up a prayer request. Could be anything really. I just think sometimes we as humans dont pray as much. So hopefully this might aid a little bit in our prayer lives)
If you could pray for people at my shop. out of 75 only 2 are saved. Every day is like going to war. It gets really hard sometimes.
Pray for this war in Iraq. Lord knows when it will be over. Pray for the safety of our friends and family who are serving.
Pray for our school system, that Godly teachers would stand up for the truth and willingly share the Gospel.

That is all for now! Much love to you all!! God bless! Mucho GUSTO! BON SOIR! AUR REVOIR!

its been a long weekend.....

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