Monday, February 5, 2007

Madison's Day at Church

Madison has recently gone from being in the 2-3 yr olds room to sitting in the service with us until time for children's church. Here is one example of how her day goes.....

1. Yells hello and waves at her friend being baptized.

2. Begins crying (loudly) when it is announced there will be no children's church because the teacher is sick.

3. When it is then announced that there is children's church (sub teacher is found) she gets really excited and runs to the class. Only, she falls in the middle of the aisle running to the door and begins crying (loudly) again.

The preacher then announced to the whole church what happened and used her in one of his illustrations. How nice of him. Everyone thought she was adorable though. It's never a dull moment for us at church......


Marilee said...

Oh my, you brought me to tears! LOL

What a joy children are!!



MamaK said...

Oh, wow...makes me miss seeing Madison!

I'm sure everyone thought she was cute, but I know that our mama's hearts just go "grrrr".