Saturday, February 10, 2007

Madison's Terrorist Theory

Lately Madison has had a small obsession with terrorists. Not really sure why......

Anyway, here is her theory.....

1. Terrorists look like the Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (aka Turtle boys.)

2. They break your toys and kill people.

3. Daddy protects us from them by kicking them in the head and shooting them in the forehead with his paintball gun.

I love the way her mind works. :)


MamaK said...

Hurray for Daddies that kick and shoot terrorists!!

(What an interesting obsession, though! Glad she's got the answers all worked out!)

Marilee said...

Let me see if this can anyway be construed to mean Robert needs to get a new paintball gun? Has he been "prompting" her? Hum, sounds suspicious to me! Avoid Cabela's at all cost!!

MamaK said...

Just a cute note:

Eej picked your family picture off of the fridge today and said, "Hey, guys! Dat's my Madison dere!"

Now I suppose we won't stop hearing about it!