Friday, March 2, 2007

just an update with some pictures:)

Hey all (its me Robert again:) ) just thought I would post some pics of our family to keep you all updated...

Jaden was sick a little while back. Well this is him sleeping. He is dead asleep. People said I used to sleep like this when I was a kid. I dont rememeber though, funny how that works out??

For those who don't know me...I dont cook. But i am slowly learning. Madison and I cooked some chocolate chip cookies. Madison did most of the work of course:)

Erin got this shot of our boy sleeping in his crib sitting up. We dont know why he fell alseep and didn't fall over. Just another picture we can show on his first date MUAHAHA! (evil parent laughter)

It snowed here 2 days ago. Got about 4 inches. Madison LOVED it (as you will see in one of the next couple pictures. Jaden was a little freaked out though. Cant say i blame him. Snow is kind of scary
Jaden really looking like he is having fun.....yeah ummmm not so much cute picture though

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MamaK said...

Now THAT'S some bloggin' brother!

WOW! Great pictures!!!