Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grrr.... we posted a lot of stuff and to view it all you have to click on the older posts link at the bottom of our blog. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I am tired so more will come later.

Just some photos....

Here are some photos of the family (and our dining table that some friends gave us. we don't have to eat buffet style anymore!)

Madison's first day of soccer.

Enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

The kids doing their schoolwork.

Robert's mustache for the month of March. Not my favorite.

Jaden enjoying a snack and movie with mom.

Our new table!!

LIttle man's ears

Jaden has surgery tomorrow to get tubes put in. We have tried everything to keep him from getting ear infections and nothing seems to work. And he has a slight hearing problem. So, to hopefully correct that we are going with tubes. In a couple weeks he will have a repeat hearing test and then his 18 mon checkup and we will find out if his hearing has improved and if he has a speech delay. Please keep him in your prayers.....and mommy too (I get to be the one to take him and I am worried about him....he's my baby)

Yay Robert!

Robert had his CDC test on Tues. and he passed. Yay!! He can now relax until he gets the next set. :)

*For those who don't know, the cdc's cover everything he learned in tech school and are really boring. If he doesn't pass them he gets in a lot of trouble. So there is a lot of stress in our house around test time. Please keep him in your prayers.*

A wet day....

On Easter sunday our wash machine died while still full of water. We were not sure how to empty it so decided to leave it until monday. Bad plan. We woke up monday to a laundry room full of water. So, we cleaned that up and then I went to buy a new washer. I tried Sears in town since they had a sale. No luck....there was nothing in stock and they couldn't deliver for a few weeks. On to Best Buy in Boise (we went before the dr. appt and nap time). They had one in stock that was really inexpensive, but couldn't deliver until the first week of May. So we loaded it in to our the pouring rain. It took 20 minutes for the guy to get it in the car. By this time I was sick of water. In the end though we got it secured and made it home. AND it works. I love my new washer!!


Just some pics of our family enjoying Easter. We spent the morning in church as a family and then came home and had an egg hunt and a huge dinner. The kids enjoyed getting to spend all day with mom and dad and learning about Easter.

Trip to Pendleton

Madison went to visit her dad the last week of March. And since he was not able to bring her back my parents said they would do it. So, Mar. 31-Apr. 1 we were able to go to Pendleton and see my dad (Mom was very sick). It was great getting to see him and he was able to get some videos of the kids for my mom.

Poppa with his grandkids

Not so green thumb...

I decided that I was going to grow vegetables this year along with my flowers. I thought it would be interesting to do since I usually look at a plant and it dies. I am not gifted in the area of gardening. However, they actually grew and did well UNTIL I forgot to close the door of the room I was keeping them in at night (it's way too cold for them to be outside yet). Anyway, my darling cat got them and ate them all. So, I have started a few weeks I should have my veggie garden once again. Yay!

ByeBye Jack

Jack is no longer with us. He got out of our yard three weeks ago and we have not seen him since. And we have looked EVERYWHERE. So, now we are down to just the cat, Charlie. Robert really wants another dog but we are waiting until we get back from vacation in July.

*By the way, some of these posts may not have pictures because we bought a new computer since our other one died. The pictures to go with some of these posts are on that one and we haven't taken them off yet.*

Sorry it's been a while....

Hello!! So, it's been way over a month since we last posted. Life has been a little hectic. But that's keeps things interesting. The following posts should hopefully catch you all up on our lives.