Sunday, April 15, 2007

A wet day....

On Easter sunday our wash machine died while still full of water. We were not sure how to empty it so decided to leave it until monday. Bad plan. We woke up monday to a laundry room full of water. So, we cleaned that up and then I went to buy a new washer. I tried Sears in town since they had a sale. No luck....there was nothing in stock and they couldn't deliver for a few weeks. On to Best Buy in Boise (we went before the dr. appt and nap time). They had one in stock that was really inexpensive, but couldn't deliver until the first week of May. So we loaded it in to our the pouring rain. It took 20 minutes for the guy to get it in the car. By this time I was sick of water. In the end though we got it secured and made it home. AND it works. I love my new washer!!

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