Sunday, May 27, 2007

Madison's life lessons....

Our oldest has had to learn quite a bit about life lately. We went for a walk a week ago and passed a baby bird (just hatched) that had fallen out of his nest. Madison wanted to rescue it....we decided that was not such a good idea. She was none too pleased. Then one of our baby kitties didn't make it.
Trying to explain why we couldn't save the little guys and why the mommies didn't want them was hard. She has such a compassion for animals and people who are hurting. It is wonderful to see how much she cares....just wish it was easier for her to learn some of life's lessons.

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MamaK said...

Oh, these are such tough, but necessary lessons. I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle, and never really faced those things. I think that our kids are a step up in their "lessons of life" when they have to deal with the realities while they are young.

WITH Mommy and Daddy's guidance, of course!!