Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cleaning House

For the last three weeks I have been tearing apart our house cleaning and redecorating. Enjoy the pics.

This is our new bed. It is sooo much better than what we were sleeping on before. (Thanks to Mike and Lindsay) We also bought another bookcase to hold our growing library.

This is our reading corner. We bought the chair on clearance ($7) and painted an old bookcase that we had. It gets great sunlight.

We used the paint ($10) on the coffee table too so now it matches the couch.

We bought this cabinet from the thrift store ($10) and just painted it to match the other furniture. Now we can finally put out our family pictures and Willow Tree figures.

We also cleaned out all the rooms and donated a ton of stuff we didn't need. And then we rearranged everything so that we can actually live in our house without stepping on anyone's toes. (We were having some space issues.) I am so glad that it's done....almost. :)

**Special thanks to my wonderful husband who put up with all my craziness for the past few weeks. I really appreciate all your love and support....especially when I am a little spastic.

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