Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My beautiful children

Thank you Lord for these beautiful children that you have given to me. They bring me such joy and love.

Vision Forum code

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This is the Day ~Annie Flint

Sigh of the breezes or sob of the tempest,
Skies of pure azure or clouds hanging low,
Sunshine or frost or the last of the storm wind,
Veiling of mist or the white whirl of snow;
Welcome the day! for the Lord, He hath made it,
Cometh it golden or cometh it gray.
Bringeth it burden or giveth it guerdon,
Let us rejoice and be glad in His day.


There are so many symbols for the Christian faith, from the Jesus fish to WWJD and many others. Many people use these symbols to stand for their faith rather than allowing their character and the message of faith be their symbols to the world.

The following is a post from Study in Brown.

Zero Tolerance
Back when my kids were in public school, my oldest son - straight A student, with awards for citizenship and "peace-building" - was nearly suspended for having an "explosive device" at school.
"We have zero tolerance for such activity," the principal reminded me in an after school meeting.
The "explosive device" was a box of Pop-Its, being tossed onto the asphalt playground by a group of 5th grade boys.
Yes, indeed. In such a world as ours, schools must draw severe lines and hold to them - apparently at the expense of reason and common sense.
I couldn't help remembering that event as I've followed the story of Lydia Playfoot, the UK teenager who wanted to wear her chastity ring to school and was told to remove it. (Miss Playfoot's school has a uniform policy which does not allow for the wearing of jewelry unless it is a "genuine religious symbol." ) A UK court sided with the school, ruling that the girl "was under no obligation, by reason of her belief, to wear the ring."
Miss Playfoot and her family disagree. They believe Christians are being discriminated against, since Muslim girls are allowed to wear their head scarves at school. Several Christian bloggers I've read agree with their position.
It's a disturbing case for sure, a fair representation of life in a "zero-tolerance" state: common sense takes a vacation.
But it's not really the wearing or not wearing of the ring that bothers me.
What disturbs me is that somewhere along the way, these Christians decided to allow a symbol of good morals - a silver band indicating a desire to not have sex before marriage - to become a symbol of our faith.
Lest we forget, the Christian faith does not consist of a moral code and an outward symbolism of purity. (Islam has that covered fairly nicely, thank you.) The Christian faith is a shocking faith - built on the bloody death of God Himself and the scandalous outpouring of mercy on unwashed sinners. Our "symbol" is not the circumcision of the flesh, but the circumcision of the heart.
Fight over the right to wear the ring if you really want to, but don't fool yourself: the Body and Blood, the scandal of His sacrifice and the Good News of our ransom is not contained in a silver band promising sexual abstinence.

Great Pillsbury deal

Our family loves rolls, biscuits, french bread, etc. And since I have no idea how to make any of those we usually buy premade ones and bake them. Only, buying all these goodies adds up. Fast.

Today was the last day of Albertson's great sale though. So, we went and stocked up. We bought:

Pillsbury biscuits

Pillsbury breadsticks

Pillsbury french loaf

Pillsbury cookies (I really wanted them even though it's cheaper to make my own.)

Pillsbury biscuits 4-pack (that's a total of 40 rolls in the package.)

Total: $11.75

We only paid $3. What a great deal! And now we have all these goodies to last us for a while.

Death to Spiders!

I am terrified of spiders....TERRIFIED. I will run the other way, screaming. Just ask Robert. However, on Sat my wonderful, spider-killing hubby was out of town and I was left to fend for myself. So, I took on the spider all on my own. The big, scary black widow. Yeah, a black widow. (btw, Robert caused me to be even more terrified of these with his "warnings" about staying away from them. Kind of hard to stay away from them when they are on my chair.) Well, after the initial panic I went and got the spider spray and drowned the little sucker. I also prayed a lot that he wouldn't attack me or somehow resurrect himself. (Yes, I have incredibly irrational fears about spiders.) But, yay! for me, because I actually overcame my fear and killed a spider.

The spider....after he was dead, of course.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Multiple Sclerosis Ride

Good luck Dad!!

My dad, Tim, is heading to the starting point of the MS bike ride today. (The ride takes place in Minnesota so he also gets to visit his bro and sisters while there.) He is riding for two of his co-workers who have ms and has raised over $2000 in pledges to help find a cure. Please keep him (and all the other riders) in your prayers this week.

We love you Dad and good luck!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Videos

Towards the end of our blog (on the sidebar) Robert added some music videos. Great songs....check them out.

Time with Family

The kids and I spent the last two weeks back home in Washington. It was great getting to see all of our friends and family again. We loved seeing how much all of our little cousins have grown and hearing all about the changes and new plans in all the families. We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to go back. I miss the green!!
*Thank you mom and dad and gramma marilee for driving us around and giving us places to sleep. Staying with you guys was so much fun. We love you!!

Heidi and the kiddos.
Jaron and Jaden

The whole group (The Engstrom family minus Erik. But Karen's dad, Patrick, was able to come. It was good seeing him again....he is a great grandpa to all the kids.)

The whole group....this time with gramma marilee in the photo. (Somehow, this is the only photo of her from our entire trip. Hmm, how did that work out?)

Jaden and Abbie....they were so cute together.

Madison and Grampa lighting fireworks. (Thanks Dad for trying to teach fire safety)

The boys....Jaden and Justin.

My beautiful mom. I love this photo.....it is rare to get a picture of my mom but I was sneaky. :)


Congratulations Cory and Jalane!

Our very dear friends were married on July 7, 2007. May God bless your life together. We wish you the very best. Congratulations!

4th of July

Our 4th was fantastic! We were able to spend the day with tons of friends and family that we have not seen in a while. We spent the morning at a wedding shower for our friends and then went to Todd and Lisa's (my sister's parents-in-law). It was so much fun getting to play in the pool, eat, visit, and set off fireworks. The kids love the Thorsens.....it's like having another set of grandparents. And they had tons of fun lighting fireworks. Hopefully it won't be a full year before we all get together again.

Jaden loving his time in the pool. No competition with other kiddos.

Heidi and Jaden

Madison...attempting to light bystanders on fire.

Madison trying to swim. Thank God she is as tall as the pool.

Mitch and Heidi

Congratulations Mitchell!! My bro-in-law found out last week that he got the emt job that he applied for. He is starting as part-time, but has a really good chance of moving to full time. This is a huge blessing for their family.....Thank God that he provides. Good luck Mitch!

*Heidi and Mitch now have a blog. Check it out at mitchandheidi.blogspot.com