Sunday, August 26, 2007


Patriarchy is a hard subject for many. It took me a long time to allow Robert to be the head of the family and just be the "second in command." Even though it is hard at times to allow him to be the one to lead our family it has made our marriage and family incredibly strong. Check out this post from In a Shoe for a great commentary.

Big Boy Bed

Jaden has moved to a big kid bed. Last night was the first time with the bed and his own room (the kids have shared until now). He did ok....after Daddy sat with him for a little bit. Our little boy is growing up.....


These last few weeks have been busy with family coming and going. It was such a blessing for us to be able to visit with everyone. Just a few photos.....for now.....

The winery that we visited when Gramma Marilee came to visit. (I ended up with no pictures of Gramma....again.)

The family with Uncle Daniel and Sammy

The cousins

Grampa Chuck

Little Man

*He had no interest in fishing....


Madison loved the worms....Jaden didn't really want much to do with them. It took a lot of convincing to get him this close to them. But they provided a ton of entertainment.
*Just remembered that the leftover worms are still in my fridge. Ewwww!*

Fishing Day

We went fishing a couple weeks ago (I know, I am a little behind) and had so much fun....despite the 104 degree heat.

Daddy and Madison sharing a moment of instruction.
Madison's first fish! (Jaden was amazed...and didn't want to be near it.)

The fish....after a few knocks to the head. He was one tough fish. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hey everyone

Hey guy's its Robert again. How is everyone doing? I'm alright. Things are going good here. If you all don't mind I'm going to give you all a little rant if you don't mind:)

I just got done watching some Creation Vs Evolution video clips on Youtube. Very very interesting. I invite you to check it out for yourself if you get a chance. Some of them are very harsh towards Christianity/creationism. One member even said that creationism could be taught in school but they wouldn't be allowed to bash evolution at all. Christians are being persecuted beyond belief in society/schools today. I read about a case in England where a girl was not allowed to wear her promise ring (promise of purity between father, God and her) but other children of other faith's were allowed to wear there garmants. Pretty interesting. You really do have more religious freedom in the Military then you do in the public school classroom. We as believers really need to pray for the students in public school. They go to battle every day.

Just thought I would give a shout out to South Dakota. They have made abortion illegal at ALL stages of pregnancy. Praise the Lord. I dont know if other states will follow suit, but man that is awesome.

"All who are thirsty All who are weak Come to the fountain Dip your heart in the stream of life Let the pain and the sorrow Be washed away In the waves of His mercy As deep cries out to deep"

I have a feeling there are people who read this blog who are hurt and feel alone. I just wanted to let you know, whoever you are, that we love you and are praying for you constantly. Those lyrics above go out to you. You are not alone. He is with you...always. Just reach out to him and he will receive you with open arms.

prayerfully yours-

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Duggars Family

Congratulations! to the Duggars family. They welcomed baby #17 on Aug 2. Congratulations to this wonderful family. May God bless them and keep them well.

For more on their family check out Discovery Health . Their family website is down.

And also check out this great post from Biblical Womanhood. (Haven't quite figured out how to link to an exact post on someone else's blog.)

We need as many well-equipped arrows as possible

I posted something about the Duggar's new addition yesterday and braced myself for the onslaught of angry comments which I knew would ensue. I've chosen not to allow comments of that nature here because there are plenty of other places on the internet to hurl insults at this family. Suffice it to say, people are very upset at the Duggar family for choosing to have 17 children. What I don't get is that the majority of people saying vitriolic remarks are also the same people who will say out of the other side of their mouth that everyone has a right to do as they please, a right to choose what is best for their life

Those statements all go out the window when it comes to the Duggar family, though. It is okay to sleep with multiple partners, have multiple abortions, or ship any children you have off to day care centers for the bulk of their growing up years. It is okay to call "marriage and family" a group of any sort of people you come up with that suits your fancy, it is okay for parents to work at the expense of their children, but it is absolutely not okay in their book for anyone to trust God with their family size and have 17 children. Never mind that these 17 children are in a warm and loving family environment, never mind that there seems to be much order and structure in the Duggar home, never mind that these parents are well-providing for their children, never mind that centuries ago, having 17 children was not anything extremely out of the ordinary.

For some reason it is okay to have fancy cars, big mansions, and all the electronic gadgets and toys we could ever hope for. It's okay to have pets - lots of pets if you prefer - cats, dogs, reptiles. However, it is not okay to have a lot of children.

Do you see how silly all of this is? We spend all of our lives working to afford fancier cars, bigger houses, and more gadgets and gizmos, and yet one of the few things which can leave a lasting legacy - our children - we overlook.

No, I'm not saying that everyone needs to follow in the steps of the Duggars and have 17 or more children. Most normal married couples cannot have that many in their lifetime anyway. What I am saying is that we need to get over this low view of children, a view which has sadly infiltrated most of Evangelical Christianity.

The Bible says children are gifts from the Lord, why would we want to reject His blessings? What is more important than investing our lives training and raising up the next generation?

I pray God raises up many more large Christian families like the Duggars to show the world - by example - that children are a blessing from the Lord and that responsibly raising many children is possible. More importantly, though, I pray that many more parents would grasp hold of their responsibility to train and raise their children up to love the Lord with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We live in a sin-sick world and we need as many well-equipped arrows as possible to be shot out into the world to impact our culture for the glory of God.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Time for a RANT!!!!WHOOOO!

Hey everyone, it's Robert here again and I hope your ready for another rant. It might be long but man it got my blood boiling when I read a certain article.

The article in question is called "How Much Jail Time?" And it is written by Anna Quindlen of Newsweek. Anna and I have never gotten along...ever. You can ask Erin everytime I read her articles I get heated. She stands for everything that I despise. Her article basically says abortion is OK because we who oppose it cannot think of a just way to punish the woman who gets the abortion. Literally this is the entire article. Her article is full of her own personal bias on the matter. Check it out for yourself if you get a chance. Some interesting things said...

Jill June of Planned parenthood of Iowa "How have we come this far in the debate and been oblivious to the logical ramifications of making abortion illegal" .

"Perhap by ignoring or infantilizing women, turning them into "victims" of there own free will"

"Even with "no reliable data" he went on to conclude that "severe depression and loss of esteem can follow ( in regards to a supreme court justice upholding the law against third trimester abortions) and apparantly noone has told Justice Kennedy about the severe depression and loss of esteem that can follow bearing and raising a baby you can't afford and didn't want)

Well these are just some of the quotes from the article. Isn't it interesting how Christians are always made out to be the crazy right wing group who just can't catch up with the times? If abortion is legal, what stops it makes it legal when the kid is born? How about making it legal up to the age of 2? I have 2 kids and each of them cost money. My sister has a lot more then I do and yeah, they cost money. But since it should be ok for us to abort babies in the second trimester, why not the second year? What makes that baby a baby? Well let me ask you this, if a husband kills a wife who is 3 months pregnant, does the murderer get 2 counts of murder? (hint scott peterson) If abortion is legal, it should only be one count of murder.

This article shows the left agenda clear as day. Just a side note, isn't it interesting how every single person who is pro abortion is alive and hasn't had an abortion on them yet? If it's not a big deal for them to have it done on an innocent baby, why not take one for the team and truely stand up for your case? Pro choicer's are genuinely out to satisfy there own needs. They have no problem sending a baby to die who never did anything, but man we better save the serial murderer who's killed 50 people because the death penalty is wrong!!! In the article she calls pro lifers hipocrits, yet she wants to save a murderer like Timothy Macveigh, or Ted Bundy because the death penalty is immororal, yet she has no problem sucking a baby out with a vacuum?

Or how about how pro abortionists are all about giving there money away to support the people in our society who can't make it on their own(welfare), yet if a baby causes a mother financial hardship, it is ok to kill it sense it will be a financial burden on you. Now if you don't see the hipocrisy in that, then I dont know what else to tell you.

This all goes back to people taking the eye off the bible. If you take out the basis of morals (the bible) then what do you have to stand on? nothing...absolutely nothing. And society around us right now is a direct proof of what happends when you eliminate the authority of God's word.

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