Monday, September 3, 2007

Toe vs. Rock.....Rock wins

Madison and two of her friends were carrying a giant rock and when surprised by a parent catching them in the act they dropped it....on Madison's toe. Yeah, the rock won.

*You can't see it very well, but her toenail is black and is probably going to fall off. Great.


heidi and mitch said...

ouch! i did that once with a mountain dew can. (i know that sounds retarded but it's true.) poor thing. i hope it gets better soon.

Marilee said...

Oh, poor Madison.....It hurts just to look at it.

I think she needs to go SHOPPING! That will always make her feel better.

Give her a kiss and hug from Grandma Marilee.....Is there anything she would want me to send to make it feel better? Like mints or chapstick? Already have them in a box to go...just need to get in mail....

Once that toe nail falls off, she will be walking "tenderly" again...ouch....


Grandma Marilee

Rob and Erin said...

We went to the doc today (mommy just couldn't stand it anymore and wanted it checked out). They were going to try to drain it and Madison flipped out. So, after 4 hours in urgent care we came home with a still puffy, bloody, black nail. Great way to spend the afternoon.
*The doc did say that she should be ok though. Yay!!

MamaK said...


That looks awful.

How's she doing now??

Give her hugs from Auntie Karen!!