Friday, October 26, 2007


This story may sound like a blonde joke gone bad or maybe it is a typical day in the radio shop?

Radio troop 1 “My girlfriend is so weird, she is sending me goldfish through the mail. Doesn't she know goldfish won't live through the mail, haha so stupid doesn't she know that the fish will die when it is outside of the water? Haha”

Radio troop 2 stares blankly at Radio troop 1 "You know that goldfish crackers can come through the mail right?"

Radio troop 1 “Wait they make gold fish crackers?"

Radio troop 2 “Yeah man, their actually quite good. They are little and are quite addicting"

Radio troop 1 “wait I love those things I got some from my mom like two days ago!”

Radio troop 2 stares blankly at radio troop 1 in astonishment

Robert is Radio troop 2....and from what Robert tells me, this is a typical day. Sad.

*from Kingpin Week 5 update

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