Thursday, April 17, 2008

Paintball Mecca

Part of our reason for going to Utah for the weekend was for Robert to compete in a paintball tournament with his team. But, before we could do that we had to head to the mecca of all things paintball....well, woodsball. (And please don't make me explain the difference in types of paintball.) So, off we headed to Special Ops.

The door of the store. I took the picture while we were driving away....I didn't remember to document our trip until we were leaving.

The Special Ops trailer.

Robert was in heaven. He has been dying to go there for years. And after his mom was able to visit it before he was he became even more determined to head down there. :) I will admit that it was a pretty cool store....even though I don't get all that into his little hobby.

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Marilee said...

Well, its about time Robert made it to "Special Ops"...I think they thought you really didn't exist and I was secretly the "paintball wizard"!

Love, Mom