Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rising Gas Prices

Just so you all know, Gas prices may be outrageous, but coffee prices are a bit worse. Lets do a little math shall we? Calculators ready!

The average American coffee costs $2.45. The average size of said coffee is 9 ounces. Now divide 128 ( a gallon) by 9. You should roughly get 14.2 . Then times 14.2 by 2.45 and find out how much we pay per gallon for our Espresso. You should get $34.79. Pretty incredible.


~Me~ said...

Wow, incredible!

Karen said...

Our solution: stop buying consumer coffee! We'd been calling Starbucks "Four-bucks", but now they're all following suit.


Marilee said...

And....if you add the cost of the gas it takes to get to your local "Four Bucks", wow, you are talking big bucks then!!