Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Creative Little Man

Jaden has been getting pretty creative in finding ways to get what he wants.

The other night we had soup and pineapple for dinner. Jaden loves pineapple and wanted to have more. We told him to finish his soup first. So, the creative little fellow took all the soup out of his bowl and put it on his plate. He then showed us his empty bowl and told us he was done expecting to get more pineapple. Yeah, cute trick, but the little guy didn't get his wishes.


Marilee said...

I love the "I didn't do anything" look on his face in the top photo. What a charmer! You know, if Grandma was there, he would gotten the pineapple! ;-)
Love, Mom

Karen said...

Me, too...I reward cleverness!

But dumping out the soup is a stinker-thing to do...But you have to admit: clever, too!

Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow up???