Monday, June 9, 2008

Our New Babies!

Robert and I both have a soft spot for animals and on Saturday we added to our brood.

This is Sam. She is an 8 week old ball of fuzz. And boy is she full of energy.

This is Darby. She is an 11 week old black lab/boxer mix. She is such sweetie and really well behaved for being a puppy.

We should be set for pets now that we have a dog, two cats, and a gerbil. :) It's never dull that's for sure.


Karen said...

Oh my word, they're adorable.

I think we're set for a while, too. Next up is a horse for Bethie, but for now we have a cat, rabbit, two dogs, and two goats. But for now, I think we're good.

Marilee said...

I am in love! Darby is too cute!


Rob and Erin said...

If we had the room we would adopt a lot more animals. Like Erin said we both have a HUGE heart for animals, especially ones at the shelters.

And for those that might be wondering, Darby is half boxer half black lab (we think) and bears a striking resemblence to what Paris probably looked like when she was a pup. Paris's cousin? maybe?

Marilee said...

Could be Paris' cousin as she was born in Boise as well and was first brought home from the it could be....yes, its that same look of half dog/half badger! but the look grows on you!


~Me~ said...

So cute!!!