Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another random boring post from Robert

Hey hows it going everyone? All is cruising along here. Just getting ready to go on vacation again here soon. The wife and kids are doing really well. We just got done having Daniel and Mom down here. We had an awesome time with both and it was so cool spending time with both.

The US is doing really well in the Olympics, which is awesome. How about that Micheal Phelps. Russia is supposidely leaving GA, which is awesome as well.

Church is going well. We have a new worship pastor type guy who is pretty good at singing and playing the guitar. and we have so many singers you might confuse us with earth wind and fire. But we sound pretty good. Well what would a post be without a little rant? just a little one. And its not that controversial:).

I can't wait until there is no more denominations to what we believe. For instance, at our church there is a gospel service, and a traditional service. As you can probably imagine the gospel service is pretty upbeat and cheery and loud. However the traditional service, even though they have drums which I play, aren't always upbeat. The preaching is the same essentially but there is still that disunity between the two. And I think that both services have saved people in them. I dont think when we get to heaven we will worship just with hymns or whatnot. I think we will worship with everything together. Whether it be hip hop to rock to hymns on a piano. There is no one correct way to worship God. King David danced in the streets scantily clad. I dont think we should do this exactly. But you get the point. Our enemy uses this disunity to his advantage. And for those of you who don't know. Thats bad. Just sayin....

Isn't worshipping cool? For those of you who dont know, Kutless is one of my favorite bands like ever known to man. They came out with a new cd recently. I believe the name of the cd is " To know that your alive". Anyways one of the songs is titled "promise you". This song really kind of sets the theme to life right now. Sadly, for some crazy reason, the moment i became a christian life has just gotten a little bit harder. And by a little bit, I mean a lot. Sometimes the reality hits you that you have no idea what the purpose is of what God has you going through and thats all you can rely on. What a comfort that is. Anyways, here is the verse.

I'm waiting for the sun to rise
And make the darkness go away
The time has come to say goodbye
And God will help me find a way

Anyways I guess this thing will stop as random as it started. Erin just put on Xmen 3 and after 10 hours at work and 2 hours at worship practice it looks a lot more fun then typing on the computer. Have a good day everyone. God bless. I will post a little more in a few days. Take care!

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