Friday, August 8, 2008

Fun at the Hangar

Thanks to our friend Kevin we had an unexpected treat last weekend. We were able to go out near the flight line and see some jets from the USAF and from the Indian Air Force. (that would be the country of India...not Native Americans for all those wondering. :)) The kids....and the adults, ok, maybe only me.....had so much fun looking at the jets and talking with the pilots.

On a side note, the Indian pilots were fascinated with our kids and our friends. They kept taking photo after photo. Pretty sure they had never seen hair as blond as Madison's. And they really enjoyed it when Robert talked to them in their language. Their smiles were enormous after they realized he had actually spoken to them in something other than English. (By the way, Rob learned some of their language while overseas last year from a tcn that he befriended.)

Robert and the kids posing under the Indian jet.

I was really amazed by the jets. And the look of disgust is due to the fact that the cockpit is TINY and to someone who is extremely claustrophobic I couldn't believe people willfully get into the seat.

Our friend Kevin, his oldest son, and our family. (You can see part of his wife's head by mine. She was pushing the stroller with the twins.)

All of the planes that were on display and a bunch of the Indian pilots.

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crewdawgswife said...

Thats a 391st jet, Miss seeing them :(