Friday, August 8, 2008

Ways to Make a Trip to the Mall Extra Fun

First, run into Idaho, where apparently stand-still traffic is not something they are used to. (Coming from the Seattle area you always planned a little extra time into your drive to account for traffic and brought something to entertain you, snack on, etc.)

Second, watch all the Idahoans turn off cars and get out and walk around with no clue as to what to do.

Third, sit in said traffic for a long time while having to pee. Badly.

Fourth, leave kids playing on side of freeway with Grandma while you and your husband begin walking to the weigh station 1 1/2 miles ahead only to have to run back when you are in sight of it because the accident has been cleared and cars are starting to move.

Fifth, chat with a stranger who has brought his pet python to the mall. And then let your daughter hold the snake.

To finish up the fun trip to the mall eat dinner at Red Robin and be served by the best waitress I have ever had. Then head home to put the worn out kiddos to bed.

And that my friends is how you make an ordinary outing extraordinary. :)

*Really, I do take my kids safety very seriously. I promise. This trip was out of the norm.

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