Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greetings and Salutations

Hey everyone hows it going? All is going alright with me. It's been a little while since i posted so i thought i'd update everyone on just some of the events that have been doing on.

Well I took off for my deployment about 2-3 weeks ago. So far its been alright. We've been extremely busy though. It is very safe where i am at. Warm meals, warm beds and warm water and your pretty much set. Somedays the opstempo is very slow, so you have a lot of time to think about stuff. Other days its going by so fast and your doing so much the day just slips by. You really learn to cope with all the stress though. I cant really go too much into what i do everyday, or where i am at, but just know i am somewhere:) and its hot... I did get to meet up with 2 of my brothers for my oldest brother Tom's reenlistment. Thats Tom and I saluting Trenton after Toms Reenlistment. Pretty cool stuff man.

Current events have been interesting as always. McCain decided to stop his campaign to head back to DC to help with the economy. Somehow i think Mr McCain's prescence won't do anything for the economy and is just a trick to make the American people think he cares about the economy. In reality he will never be affected by it. In fact, isnt it interesting how everyone we could possibly vote for, whether they win or lose will still probably be a millionaire? So in essence they have nothing to lose. Obama scares me more then McCain to be honest. And i think he should scare a good majority of you Christians out there. You all know why.

Not to be random but could anyone else really go for a good peanut buster parfait right now? Random craving i know....just saying it sounds good.

When your in a "warzone" you really start to think about the costs of war and the casualties of it. Through enlightening discussion between me and someone i respect very much, not only for his intellect but for his biblical knowledge and humility, i've really started changing my views on this whole war thing. Do i think we are doing great things here? Yes. Do i think the iraqi people are happy we are here? For sure yes. I just dont really know if God approves of us being here. Now i will do my duty as an American in the military. I havent converted to full hippie, and i wont. But all im saying is i have a lot of thinking, prayer and bible studying to do before i come to a final answer.

Well everyone I do need to go. Keep praying for us over here we definitely need it. God bless you all and take care.

N X,


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jessica spuhler said...

take care robert! thanks for the update! we are all praying for you on this end and miss you at the drums! oh yeah btw remember how you said we were going to replace you - i kid you not.. the day you left we got a new drummer - totally random right? but he plays the guitar and will be happy playing it when you get back! take care!