Friday, September 26, 2008

How in the world.....

.....did she manage to get this many splinters?!

That's right, every single red spot is a splinter. The red patches are large groupings of splinters. Both arms (from wrist to armpit) and one hand. I am constantly amazed by my kids.

sorry the last photo is incredibly blurry. I was having camera issues.


Marilee said...

Grab the duct tape! Use it just like hair wax paper.... zip, a little pain, and multitudes of splinters will disappear.....or become bedded into the skin and have to be soaked out... but its worth a try. Do I dare ask where she got all these splinters?

Grandma Marilee

Rob and Erin said...

She managed to fall while we were walking and as she fell she slid down a telephone pole. I am not really sure how she managed to do it.