Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The Boise Zoo just opened their new Africa exhibit this past weekend. My friend and I took the kids on opening day. It was so fun. They got to see the giraffe, lions (that tracked the kids that ran outside their pen. Made me really glad they were on the other side of the glass), monkeys, and numerous other animals. Oh, and let's not forget the squirrel. That's right, we drive for an hour and the animal they get most excited about is a squirrel that is running around during lunch.

Madison, Jaden, and Jaxson with a giraffe.

These were the lions that were tracking the kids. They were huge.

The red panda that had babies just a couple months ago. Since the pandas are nocturnal we have never had a chance to see them. It was pretty cool.

Madison and Jaden modeling the bat-eared fox ears.

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