Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

There is so much that I am thankful for this year......

  • the new little one due soon
  • my hubby's dedication and provision for our family
  • my sweet kiddos and their desire to serve
  • a warm, safe place to live
  • a full pantry, freezer, and fridge
  • the ability to freely practice my faith
  • a supportive, loving extended family
  • and numerous other blessings that we have received throughout the year

May you all have a blessed and happy holiday this week!

Happy Birthday Jaden!!

Blowing out the birthday candles.

Daddy and some of the boys checking out Jaden's cowboy stuff.

The kids loved the pinata...even though they were all sitting under it saying ow as the candy pelted them on the head. :)

Happy 4th Birthday little man. We love you!!


Okay, so I realize that this was like a month ago...blame the mommy brain. The kids had fun watching movies and handing out candy. It was a fun night to spend cozied up at home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Fall!

And just so ya'll know, this is one of the few times the baby bump will be captured on film. :)

Apple Picking

Last week we made a trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. It was a wonderful way to spend the day and we got tons of great fruit. The kids had a blast. And the best part was that Robert had the day off to come with us. Now to use up 37 lbs of apples and plums. Hmmm.....

Robert's 24th Birthday

Happy Birthday!!
[the kids decorated the cake :)]

Last Days of Summer

Zoo Trip

This poor giraffe was trying so hard to reach the leaves. He kept coming up short.

Robert playing a tribal instrument.

The kids amazed by the Komodo dragon. That thing is creepy.

The Big Boy Bed

Finally Jaden graduated to his big boy bed. He loves it!

Fall Soccer

(She is the blond, yellow blur. I suck at action shots.)

Madison is playing soccer again this year. She has improved so much since last season. It is such a joy to watch her play. And she and Robert have really bonded while practicing and working on her skills.

New Baby Boy!!

Little Timothy

Princess and the Pea

She's the one up on her knees. So cute!
This summer Madison was in the play The Princess and the Pea through Missoula Children's Theatre. She was adorable as a dust bunny and their songs and dances were hilarious.

Jaden's Bike

Jaden got his first bike this year and picked up how to ride it really quick. Boys really do master physical things faster than girls. Wow!

A Visit With Grandma and Grandpa

So, Gram and Grampa came to visit earlier this year and we hit the farmer's market, Madison's last night at awana, went to some gorge(i don't know it's name, but it was pretty), and climbed the highest sand dune. It was a really fun time spent with them.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

In case you haven't heard......

we're having a baby! After many, many months of heartache, false hopes, and doctors visits God has blessed our little family once again. We are so excited and can't wait until we get to meet our new little one. Now if only I could not be so darn tired. :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Demolition Man

Over the past two weeks Jaden has turned into a one-man demolition crew. After spending the first couple years of life being a sweet, gentle little guy he has turned down-right destructive and defiant.

In the past week he has dumped out an entire bottle of (brand new) shampoo and a half bottle of bath soap in the shower. There was an inch thick layer of soap all over the bathroom. Earlier that same day he decided to flood the kitchen. And when I say flood, think on the scale of Noah. Seriously. He has also dumped out several games leaving a trail to find him.

He has also fed Madison's school project to the dog....a project she worked on all week.

Yeah, if he keeps this up I am not sure he'll make it to four. :)

(And so everyone doesn't think that I am oblivious to the things going on in my house he waits until I am in the shower or he does it while Robert and I are sleeping in the am.)

Zoo Fun!

A couple weekends ago we headed to the zoo in between storms. Despite the nasty weather the kids had a lot of fun. And they loved showing Daddy around the new exhibits that opened while he was gone. Maybe he'll be here when they get the hyenas. :)

The kids in a small hut used to keep food safe from animals in Africa.

The tigers....doing something other than sleeping.

The kids riding the komodo dragon. Those things are scary!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time for an Update....

In the past couple months Robert has come home (Yay! Only to now be on night shift for a couple weeks and throwing our whole routine out of whack. Oh well, that's military life.), basketball season has come and gone, we moved to a new (aka bigger, better, asbestos and mold free) home, started soccer and paintball, and about a zillion other things. It seems that as the weather gets warmer here our schedule gets busier and busier. Hopefully soon we can find some sort of balance rather than continue running around like chickens without their heads. Anyway, other than being crazy busy we are doing well. Enjoy the photos. :)

Awana Games

A couple Saturdays ago Madison got to participate in the Awana games with her club. She had a great time and it was so much fun getting to watch her. Her team placed 4th and she received a ribbon for participating. (in the top picture she is the third kid in line)

Our New Home

The old house....the one filled with mold, asbestos, and numerous other terrors like giant spiders.

So these two pictures are of the backyard. The batteries died on the camera and I have yet to charge them. But it is so nice to be in a house that has carpet in the bedrooms and an real laundry room. (Trust me, the laundry room is a big deal) We have all been enjoying the new house and it is so nice to in a home that doesn't require constant repair or contains a multitude of health hazards. God is so good!

They grow up way too fast....

I wish they could stay small and cuddly forever....sigh.


In mid-February Robert and I had the chance to go to a Kutless concert (there were also three other bands...Disciple, Stellar Kart, and Esterlyn.) We had VIP passes and were able to meet the bands. It was so much fun....especially for Robert since he got to meet his favorite band of all time. :)
Me and the hubby...enjoying some time without the munchkins. :)

Meeting the bands
The first five guys are the members of Kutless (starting at the left) and the next three are from Disciple. And if you want to know there names along with other random trivia ask Robert.

Robert's Home!!

It is so nice to have Robert be home again. We got to spend three weeks just enjoying him at home before he headed back to work. Now we eagerly anticipate the end of his squadron's exercise season so that he can hopefully take some time off and we can spend time as a family.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Fun!

We had Madison's birthday this past weekend. She had a wonderful tea party and had loads of fun playing with her friends.

Little Helpers

The kids decided to shovel the small amount of remaining snow the other day. Notice that they are taking snow from the grass and putting it on the driveway? :) Also, ignore Madison's capri pants with the pulled up socks. She insisted that was what she was wearing that day.

A Boy and His Dog

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Our precious girl turns 6 today. She brings us constant amusement with her wonderful imagination. We get such joy watching her grow into a beautiful young lady who loves God.

(One of the many doll dresses she received.)

Happy Birthday dear girl. We love you!

(Reading the Princess and the Kiss)

Snow Day!

The kids and I went outside to enjoy our winter wonderland today. Madison had a blast. Jaden wasn't so thrilled. Probably because the snow comes up to past his little boots. :)