Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time for an Update....

In the past couple months Robert has come home (Yay! Only to now be on night shift for a couple weeks and throwing our whole routine out of whack. Oh well, that's military life.), basketball season has come and gone, we moved to a new (aka bigger, better, asbestos and mold free) home, started soccer and paintball, and about a zillion other things. It seems that as the weather gets warmer here our schedule gets busier and busier. Hopefully soon we can find some sort of balance rather than continue running around like chickens without their heads. Anyway, other than being crazy busy we are doing well. Enjoy the photos. :)

Awana Games

A couple Saturdays ago Madison got to participate in the Awana games with her club. She had a great time and it was so much fun getting to watch her. Her team placed 4th and she received a ribbon for participating. (in the top picture she is the third kid in line)

Our New Home

The old house....the one filled with mold, asbestos, and numerous other terrors like giant spiders.

So these two pictures are of the backyard. The batteries died on the camera and I have yet to charge them. But it is so nice to be in a house that has carpet in the bedrooms and an real laundry room. (Trust me, the laundry room is a big deal) We have all been enjoying the new house and it is so nice to in a home that doesn't require constant repair or contains a multitude of health hazards. God is so good!

They grow up way too fast....

I wish they could stay small and cuddly forever....sigh.


In mid-February Robert and I had the chance to go to a Kutless concert (there were also three other bands...Disciple, Stellar Kart, and Esterlyn.) We had VIP passes and were able to meet the bands. It was so much fun....especially for Robert since he got to meet his favorite band of all time. :)
Me and the hubby...enjoying some time without the munchkins. :)

Meeting the bands
The first five guys are the members of Kutless (starting at the left) and the next three are from Disciple. And if you want to know there names along with other random trivia ask Robert.

Robert's Home!!

It is so nice to have Robert be home again. We got to spend three weeks just enjoying him at home before he headed back to work. Now we eagerly anticipate the end of his squadron's exercise season so that he can hopefully take some time off and we can spend time as a family.