Friday, April 3, 2009

Demolition Man

Over the past two weeks Jaden has turned into a one-man demolition crew. After spending the first couple years of life being a sweet, gentle little guy he has turned down-right destructive and defiant.

In the past week he has dumped out an entire bottle of (brand new) shampoo and a half bottle of bath soap in the shower. There was an inch thick layer of soap all over the bathroom. Earlier that same day he decided to flood the kitchen. And when I say flood, think on the scale of Noah. Seriously. He has also dumped out several games leaving a trail to find him.

He has also fed Madison's school project to the dog....a project she worked on all week.

Yeah, if he keeps this up I am not sure he'll make it to four. :)

(And so everyone doesn't think that I am oblivious to the things going on in my house he waits until I am in the shower or he does it while Robert and I are sleeping in the am.)


Marilee said...

Oh, I feel for you. Are the "threes" wonderful????

Matthew and Darcy said...

Yikes!!!! Naughty little boy! :)