Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Fall!

And just so ya'll know, this is one of the few times the baby bump will be captured on film. :)

Apple Picking

Last week we made a trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. It was a wonderful way to spend the day and we got tons of great fruit. The kids had a blast. And the best part was that Robert had the day off to come with us. Now to use up 37 lbs of apples and plums. Hmmm.....

Robert's 24th Birthday

Happy Birthday!!
[the kids decorated the cake :)]

Last Days of Summer

Zoo Trip

This poor giraffe was trying so hard to reach the leaves. He kept coming up short.

Robert playing a tribal instrument.

The kids amazed by the Komodo dragon. That thing is creepy.

The Big Boy Bed

Finally Jaden graduated to his big boy bed. He loves it!

Fall Soccer

(She is the blond, yellow blur. I suck at action shots.)

Madison is playing soccer again this year. She has improved so much since last season. It is such a joy to watch her play. And she and Robert have really bonded while practicing and working on her skills.

New Baby Boy!!

Little Timothy

Princess and the Pea

She's the one up on her knees. So cute!
This summer Madison was in the play The Princess and the Pea through Missoula Children's Theatre. She was adorable as a dust bunny and their songs and dances were hilarious.

Jaden's Bike

Jaden got his first bike this year and picked up how to ride it really quick. Boys really do master physical things faster than girls. Wow!

A Visit With Grandma and Grandpa

So, Gram and Grampa came to visit earlier this year and we hit the farmer's market, Madison's last night at awana, went to some gorge(i don't know it's name, but it was pretty), and climbed the highest sand dune. It was a really fun time spent with them.